Confidential Delivery

Orders are shipped in an opaque envelope with no inscriptions about the contents.

The courier delivers your order also does not know anything about the contents of the parcel and about your order, so all questions should be asked only to the support service of our pharmacy.

How do I get a package in the mail?

  • After the order has arrived in the mail at your address, messages are dropped into your mailbox.
  • You fill out the message and come with it, with a passport and the amount of your order (+ 4% for mail services) to your post office.
  • Pay and collect your order.

If you do not want to receive notifications in the mailbox, you can not indicate the address, but indicate the name and Postal Code of the post office where you will receive the parcel, then the parcel will be sent ?? poste restante.

What should I do if I made a mistake when entering the address?

If you entered the address incorrectly or other data urgently write in support if your order has already been sent, it will be sent to the new address again. You will pay only postage.

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