Top 20 ways to treat erectile dysfunction at home and all about the causes of its appearance


Definition of the term

Erectile dysfunction (ED) – this is a violation of the male genital organ, in which his combat readiness and rigidity are insufficient to make a full love affair with a woman.

In the future we will write abbreviated ED.

What experts help in matters of this ailment:

  • urologists;
  • sex therapists;
  • psychotherapist (if the ailment is psychological in nature).

Main symptoms

  1. closure of proximity too fast;
  2. attraction to a beloved woman disappears;
  3. the combat readiness of the male organ may disappear or appear, there is no continuity;
  4. insufficient hardness and lethargy of the penis;
  5. the man does not show initiative for intercourse;
  6. dulling of former sensations;
  7. a decrease in the frequency of morning and night erections is also a symptom of weak or already neglected erectile dysfunction;
  8. a man avoids intimacy and finds all kinds of excuses.

a man with erectile dysfunction needs to know some techniques to treat this disorder


There are 3 types of ED depending on the appearance:

  • Organic. It comes gradually against the background of a disease. The attraction to women does not disappear, but during intercourse, the rigidity of the organ may suddenly disappear.
  • Psychogenic. It comes quite unexpectedly. But at the same time, combat readiness during intimacy is maintained.
  • Mixed. ED originates from the combined organic and psychological factors.

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Causes of the disorder

1. Organic

Problems of the cardiovascular system and blood vessels

  • hypertension
  • disruptions in arterial and venous blood flow;
  • thrombosis;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • vasculitis can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Decreased testosterone levels, malfunctions of the endocrine system

  • diabetes;
  • violation of the thyroid gland;
  • prostate surgery;
  • menopause (low testosterone is one of the symptoms of male menopause);
  • prostate adenoma;
  • excess weight.

Drug abuse

  • drug use;
  • taking harmful drugs that change the hormonal background;
  • taking steroids and anabolics.

the guy is worried about his unaware erectile dysfunction and needs treatment

Disorders of the nervous system and spine

  • trauma to the lower back or spine;
  • infringement of the spinal cord;
  • hernia in the lower back;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • epilepsy.

Violations of the male reproductive system and the work of its organs

  • circumcision or other surgical interventions;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • bruises and burns of the penis.

2. Psychological

  • uncomfortable location for closeness is also an occasion and one of the main reasons for psychological erectile dysfunction, the treatment of which is made by choosing a more peaceful place;
  • severe psychological stress, depression, or stress;
  • lack of sleep;
  • conflict with a girl;
  • psychological childhood injuries;
  • fear of failure;
  • low self-esteem;
  • first night with a new partner;
  • limiting beliefs.

3. Mixed and others

  • irregular sex life;
  • passive lifestyle;
  • adverse environmental factors.

Statistics of the appearance of ED depending on age

With age, the risk of an ailment only increases.

  • under 21 years old – 5%;
  • 21-30 years old – between 10 and 30%;
  • 30-40 years old – between 30 and 40%;
  • 40-50 years old – between 40 and 50%;
  • 50-60 years – between 50 and 60%;
  • from 60 years – between 60 and 80%.

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20 ways to fix the problem

We will analyze in detail 20 methods for treating erectile dysfunction at home.

1. Choose the position where your body is in an upright position

erectile dysfunction is a fairly common problem that can be treated even at home

  • Lie on your back while intimacy with your beloved – worst pose for men suffering from a problem on the topic that their boyfriend is naughty and soft.
  • This is because blood outflow from the body comes stronger according to the law of attraction.
  • If you are lying on top and already getting on your stomach, then there is a big risk of quickly reaching the finish line and losing the firmness of manhood.
  • It’s better use positions where you don’t lie at all. You are either on your knees or on your feet, most importantly, body located upright, and blood flow to the organ will be much better.

2. Technique for replacing the harness by grasping at the base

  1. The essence of the method in the fact that with the onset of an erection, you wrap your fingers around your base at the base. This especially helps those whose friend is sluggish and combat readiness is quickly lost.
  2. In this way, blood will not leave your dignity, will persist its hardness. Deploy and use this technique to get less questions about what it is. – erectile dysfunction in men.
  3. Embrace usually large, index and medium with a finger with medium strength. Many have seen how to apply tourniquets during bleeding so as not to lose a lot of blood. This is about the same pattern. Use it wisely.

3. Perform the technique «Kidney energy enhancement»

an old tiptoe technique in the toilet helps treat erectile dysfunction

  • The technique is performed on the toilet when you go there on a small one. It consists in the fact that you emit a stream of liquid, tiptoe, while straightening your back and not slouching.
  • You also need to strain your buttocks and press, intentionally letting out more fluid as you exhale.
  • By what jet power, you will evaluate the level of your skills in bed. If everything ends with his lethargy and dripping, then the male potential in bed is not in the best condition.
  • Frequent implementation of the technique strengthens your kidneys, helps to avoid a quick finish. Why sometimes there is no stamina in bed, we wrote in another guide.

4. Do special exercises

What areas of the body need to be trained

The main focus of training should be to strengthen the following areas of the body:

  • pelvic muscles;
  • buttock;
  • abdominal muscles
  • press;
  • lower back area;
  • waist.


The strength and tone of these muscles will help to stay in bed longer, improve blood circulation to the main organ and increase male strength.

an aged man must perform physical exercises at least at home, otherwise erectile dysfunction or other pathologies that are difficult to treat may appear

Exercise examples

We will analyze in detail the question of which exercises for erectile dysfunction and treatment of this ailment are most often used.

  1. Abdominal Exercise. Sitting on the floor we fix the legs we begin to raise and lower the body. Repeat movements until pleasant fatigue occurs. It pumps the muscles of the abdomen. A strong press talks about your abilities in bed.
  2. 45 degree tilt. You need to lie on your back, lifting your legs up 90 degrees. Now we begin to lower both legs first to the left by 45 degrees, and then also to the right, without rushing anywhere. Repeat the procedure about 10 times.
  3. Boat. A well-known exercise, the essence of which is that while lying on your stomach, we begin to raise and pull your hands forward and feet back so that only your stomach touches the floor. We hold on as much as we can and return to the starting position.
  4. Bike. Especially useful in the morning. Lying on the bed, we begin to turn the air pedals of an invisible bicycle. There should be a pleasant feeling of fatigue in the abdominal area.
  5. Raising and lowering the pelvis. We find support at the elbows on the edge of the sofa, the body forward, the legs bent at the knees, resting on the feet. We start with an open mouth to raise and lower the pelvis, simulating the reciprocating motion. There will be a slight tension in the inguinal muscles – a sign of proper exercise.
  6. Shazhochki on the buttocks. We sit at the back point, hands, bent at the elbows, you can stretch in front of you, legs forward. Now, we step by step with each buttock with maximum amplitude and length. A good sign if it gets hot from doing.
  7. Squats. Everyone knows squats with a straightened back, which everyone did and can do.

On our site you can read about all the exercises to increase potency.

5. Apply the method «Muscle compression» behind

the stronger sex will not suffer from erectile dysfunction if it is given timely treatment and preventive measures are taken in advance
The next technique for men on how to treat erectile dysfunction at home is through daily exercise of the pubic-coccygeal muscle.

  1. Inhale your nose air and begin to absorb the anus and the muscles around it, do not exhale air.
  2. You squeeze all these muscles are the same as when you try to restrain the bowels.
  3. Compress with the greatest the power you can to get effective results. On a leisurely exhale, you remove tension in the muscles and completely relax.
  4. After a pleasant heat behind and in the perineum. It means that everything is done correctly. In detail about the pubic-coccygeal muscle we talked about in another article.

Pros of Frequent Exercise:

  • libido and energy awakens in the pelvic area;
  • the psyche relaxes;
  • prostate massage;
  • the ability to delay a premature finish appears (techniques for delaying the finish are described here);
  • the male genitalia becomes stronger.

6. Know the secret of morning testosterone levels
Use this 6th secret in the early morning to worry less about what to do with mild erectile dysfunction in young or adult men.

  • Studies show, that men’s testosterone levels are highest in the morning after waking up. By evening, testosterone levels are falling. This rule applies to 80% of men.
  • Build your day so that to get up in the morning, have breakfast and again go back to bed with your beloved. Be aware that your results will be better in the morning.

7. Recommended menus from breakfast to dinner for male strength

at home, you can always cook a tasty and healthy dish, the use of which will be a good way to treat erectile dysfunction

Breakfast No. 1

  • Porridge, milk.
  • Fresh fruits.
  • Bread rolls.
  • Boiled eggs.
  • Curd.
  • It will be useful to give up coffee and drink tea from herbs.

Breakfast No. 2

  • Yogurt or juice from tomatoes.
  • Lentil soup with bread.
  • Vegetable Salad
  • Lean meat or fish.
  • Curd.
  • Fresh juice.
  • Nuts.


  • Vegetable salad.
  • Fish meat or chicken without fat.
  • Baked Potato or Brown Rice.
  • Boiled corn.

For dinner

  • The lowest fat milk.
  • Varenets.
  • Yogurt.
  • Fruits.

We also wrote earlier on the site about other products to increase potency in men.

Let us examine the question of the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men with drugs. What helps?

8. Medicines

  1. Products of partners of our site;
  2. Kapikachu;
  3. Viagra;
  4. Cialis.

We also talked about similar tips on the topic in an article on why an erection disappears during sex.

9. Vacuum pumps

There are special vacuum pumps that are applied to the genitals. In it, air is pumped out with a small pump, and the pressure created there makes come on alert your buddy.

Simply put, vacuum, created there enhances blood flow into dignity, and due to this, it swells. This method also gives its positive effect.

10. Food of the goddess of love Aphrodite

your spouse can always cook you a good dinner at home to help treat erectile dysfunction

This is what food is called because it contains special substances. – aphrodisiacs.

Aphrodisiacs – this substances that increase sexual desire and abilities in bed.

At home, the treatment of erectile dysfunction and the causes of its appearance is feasible and due to some special products, dishes.

These foods include

  • banana desserts;
  • wild honey;
  • garlic in dishes;
  • goat milk;
  • shrimp, crabs and other seafood;
  • olive oil;
  • parsley;
  • artichokes;
  • cinnamon;
  • mussels;
  • cod;
  • dried fruits;
  • walnuts;
  • camel milk.

11. Take hot and cold baths

  • Start off need a hot bath. Then go cold. Each bath should be about two minutes.
  • About temperature cold water – it should be moderately cold, then gradually after getting used to it, you can lower the temperature.
  • For the process to be fruitful, you need change hot to cold baths 6 times, that is, only 12 alternations.
  • Plus is, that it improves blood circulation and also increases the production of hormones in the body. Using a contrast shower or bath will be one of your effective solutions to the question of how to cure erectile dysfunction at home. We give similar advice in another publication.

12. Raisin broth in milk

home-made broth in milk along with raisins is a good tool for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

  1. Black raisins are thoroughly washed and allowed to boil in milk in a ratio of 30 grams per 300 ml, respectively.
  2. Remove from heat after boiling and allow to cool.
  3. Such a mixture can be consumed once a day, eating raisins cooked in milk and washed down with milk.

13. A mixture of walnuts

Take a handful of walnuts, peel and eat either with honey, pre-chopped, or eat whole, washed down with goat milk nuts themselves.

For lovers of natural gifts, we also wrote a detailed article about folk remedies to increase potency.

14. Buckwheat porridge according to a special recipe.

  1. Take buckwheat, clean it and very well washed, changing water several times. Peeled and washed buckwheat pan flooded already boiled water.
  2. The mixture is allowed to stand overnight. The next morning, get rid of the water. Then buckwheat is poured kefir with the least fat content.
  3. Give up from adding various spices to the dish in the form of salt and other seasonings.
  4. You can eat porridge as many times a day as you want.
  5. Many do not pay enough attention to their diet and eat everything in a row: fatty, fried. It must be understood that this erectile dysfunction in men thus acquires only greater power.

15. Pumpkin or Melon Seeds

melon seeds are very useful for treating erectile dysfunction

  • Useful pumpkin seeds and also melon seeds. You can choose any of the seeds and well clear. For example, in a coffee grinder.
  • Powdered seeds can be eaten with honey or so easy to drink water one teaspoon in the morning, at lunch and after dinner.

16. Carrot broth

Peeled carrots through a fine grater. Take already boiled milk and mashed carrots in a ratio of two tablespoons per glass, respectively, and are mixed.

The resulting mixture is kept on a weak fire about 15 minutes. Then you can let it cool and drink three times during the day.

17. Garlic and onions

healthy food and special garlic and onion dishes prepared at home will be great helpers for treating erectile dysfunction
The next way to treat erectile dysfunction with folk remedies in men is to cook and eat various dishes along with garlic or onions.

  • Garlic and onions help increase masculine strength. They can be added to salads as an ingredient, eat a few onions a day when you eat soups or other heavy meals.
  • Onions can be cut into rings, and garlic is usually finely chopped, and this can be added to various meat dishes.
  • If you have thoughts about smell after eating garlic, then it can be removed parsley, which is also useful for male disorders.

18. Do not forget to jog

The benefits of running are great. At least if you give it to 30-40 minutes per day, the result will not be long in coming.

You can run on the treadmill, choosing a pace that is convenient for yourself.

Running improves circulation in the pelvis, blood better fills male dignity and improves its hardness.

19. Give up bad habits

To treat mild erectile dysfunction, when your male libido is half weakened, it is recommended to abandon old bad habits.

What should be discarded:

  • smoking;
  • alcohol
  • fatty or fried foods;
  • caffeine (it is better to drink freshly squeezed juices instead).

20. Preventive measures

  1. Exercise as often as possible activity. This will prevent stagnation of blood in the pelvis. Do not give up walking, do gymnastics.
  2. During intimacy with a beloved elderly Not recommended lose seed often. Men aged are recommended to come to the finish less often. You will see how many advantages this will give you in terms of energy, well-being and potential for the following caresses in bed.
  3. Help solve the problem faster monogamous relationship with one beloved woman. The constancy of relationships and feelings will greatly help you.
  4. Be with your woman in one team, and not in different. Communicate with each other, listen, ask questions and give feedback to each other. A beloved girl can both help accelerate the restoration of male power, and suppress because of her conviction and reproach.
  5. Loads both for the psyche and the body should be moderate, do not forget to take the time to just take a break from the routine and unload your head from work.
  6. Don’t let Obesity and make sure that you are not overweight. And for this, in addition to playing sports, you need to monitor your nutrition.

That’s all. Now you know a lot about drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men and about effective techniques for eliminating this disorder and raising libido.

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